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The True Source of Spirituality in Leadership Part 5: A Challenge to Leaders

by Jeff Gunther

in Leadership,Spirituality

All leaders have a choice: on the firm foundation of faith they may wait upon God for vision, or they may forge ahead with a vision rooted elsewhere. Perhaps the best way to bring glory to God is through excellence in pursuing a God-given vision. The truth, says Stanley, is: “our secular pursuits have more kingdom potential than our religious ones.”1In the marketplace, the Christian leader’s primary goal may not be conversion, but rather transformation.

If Christian leaders fail to be relevant – if their vision cannot stand the test of the marketplace – the Holy Spirit can, and does, use other means to accomplish God’s will. Any marketplace leader who serves God’s created order ultimately serves God.

Effective leadership is grounded in compelling vision – vision that is personal, yet shared. Vision distinguishes leadership as spiritual, but spirituality is not exclusive to Christianity. God quite capably works through followers and leaders alike who do not profess to know Christ. Virtuous leaders respect the power inherent in spirituality and become instruments of the Holy Spirit – whether they operate in the church or marketplace, and sometimes whether they know it or not!

1 Andy Stanley, Visioneering (Sisters, OR: Multnomah, 1999), 225.

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